Is A Social Media Marketing Services

Are you struggling to get more people to support your Kickstarter project? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It doesn’t mean you have a bad idea. It just means you’re not reaching the right people and promoting it to the right audiences. is a crowdfund marketing service that can help you drive more backers using targeted social media promotions. is the longest running social media marketing services for crowdfunders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you need help reaching the right audience beyond just your network then you need to talk with a representative at Crowdfund Clicks right away. Don’t try to manage all the marketing yourself. We both know that crowdfunding is not easy and that you have a lot going on already. Visit, Crowdfund Clicks for more details. understands the obstacles that crowdfunders face when it comes to getting initial traction for their projects. Maybe your project is slow to start, or perhaps you just need help keeping your current momentum going. Either way Crowdfund Clicks has been then before and knows how to get your projects funded. Even if you’re off to a slow start or slowing down.


Crowdfund Clicks uses all the latest social media marketing techniques to start driving more backers to your project quickly and affordably. Forget the cheap services that only promise to get you more Likes or Tweets. Crowdfund Clicks is about getting you results. That’s the name of the game when it comes to crowdfunding and getting the money you need to finish up your project.


If you’re on a tight budget or just believe in performance based marketing then Crowdfund Clicks has your back. uses percentage based marketing so you may a commission on the sales generated from the marketing. Startup costs do apply for the programs to get started but Crowdfund Clicks only makes money when you do from the commissions on new sales. When it comes to crowdfund marketing it doesn’t get any better than that.


If you’re ready to get your project on track and finally get the right marketing behind to be a success then you need to go to the website and speak with someone on their team about your project and specific situation. Crowdfund Clicks is always ready to help you and help your project get funded!